Founded in 2004, Cosmel specializes in consultation and mechanical & electrical building systems engineering. The inspiration behind our name is drawn from the first syllables of this specialization: COnsultantS in Mechanical-Electrical engineering.

At Cosmel, we work daily towards bringing buildings to life. Our mission is therefore simple: to animate buildings to bring them to life. 

Since its humble beginnings, Cosmel has built a credibility project by project that continues to grow. Based on dynamic, innovative and versatile experts, our team has evolved to present customers with a solid technical foundation, integrated services and solutions adapted to specific needs, always overcoming challenges and complex issues.

Personalized customer approach

In fulfilling this mission, Cosmel stands out due to our personalized customer approach and attention to detail. Cosmel’s credibility was established project by project and continues to grow.

Our Commitment

We build client relationships based on the values that define us: teamwork, attentiveness, respect, professionalism, and quality. We constantly strive to offer the best service at a fair price.